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The Small Press Expo is launching a tremendously exciting new program for 2011 that will put more graphic novels in libraries throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Starting in 2011 SPX will provide selected libraries with a donation to purchase graphic novels from a list of participating publishers that exhibit at our annual festival. 

 Every single book provided through this program will include the absolutely exquisite bookplate you see above, generously designed for SPX by the wonderful Lili Carre

The purchase of these books is funded exclusively by your attendance to our festival (coming up September 10th and 11th) so come on out and bring a friend to help us grow this new initiative for 2012. 

And let us say a huge thank you to all the publishers who have supported SPX over the years and who have signed on to help launch this new program.

Full program details are going to be released tomorrow, including the recipient library systems.

Stay tuned for that and until then, please help us spread the word! We love libraries and we know you do to.

With your help, we can take this thing coast-to-coast.

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