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33 for 2013This is my list of the 33 things that happened in the comics world in 2013 that made me happy.…View Post

33 for 2013

This is my list of the 33 things that happened in the comics world in 2013 that made me happy.…

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And my magical slide-changing abilities! Really, people, it was MAGIC.

(We like the word magic at SPX. Magic magic magic.)


SPX 2011 - Ignatz Awards by Small Press Expo

Experience the magic. All over again.

Dustin Harbin killed it!

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My mom drove to Bethesda, Maryland with my godmother to attend SPX and watch the Ignatz Awards. I was nominated in the category of “Promising New Talent.”

I won! The applause was super loud!

Then I gave the award to my mom after the ceremony. 

Thank you to everybody at SPX, all the voters, fellow nominees and the show organizers!


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I’ll say more about this later when I’m not at work, but for now …


Ignatz Awards nominees are out for SPX 2011. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated. As usual, an incredible pool of talent is represented. Check them all out at

A words about the awards:

The Ignatz Awards, named for the character in the classic comic strip Krazy Kat by George Herriman, is a festival prize that recognizes outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning. 

 The ballot is created by a panel of five cartoonists and is then voted on by the attendees at the event. 

Categories include:


  • Outstanding Artist
  • Outstanding Story
  • Outstanding Anthology or Collection
  • Outstanding Series
  • Outstanding Comic
  • Outstanding Graphic Novel
  • Promising New Talent
  • Outstanding Mini-Comic

The SPX website has links to all the nominated artists / works. Do check it out!

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I just wanted to add (and couldn’t find another way to do it) that I think the “warmed over Shania Twain” stuff in this song is completely intentional, considering Twain’s ex-husband, Robert John “Mutt” Lange produced it. He’s absolutely responsible for plenty of cheese and I think that was the point here.


Eden runs the SPX Ignatz Awards.

Eden has opinions.

Eden is awesome.

So is this Lady GaGa video.

Although the song sounds like warmed over Shania Twain, doesn’t it?

I’m just saying.


I spent most of my evening doing Ignatz stuff (nominations post Thursday — be excited! I am!) so I rewarded myself by watching Lady Gaga’s “Yoü And I” video again, which is ridiculous and amazing.

I mean, I think most people (“haters”) will fixate on that she’s totally getting on with herself at one point in this video, but it’s Lady Gaga in drag getting it on with Children of the Corn Lady Gaga, so that’s just weird and fun. (Also all the bizarre body mod stuff - mermaid Lady Gaga, robot Lady Gaga - is pretty awesome.)

But actually, I like the idea of Lady Gaga in drag for this song. The first time I heard it, it did seem like a man singing to a woman. And there’s definitely something very masculine about it — it’s definitely an inversion of the usual story of “worldly man ‘saves’ small-town girl from the corruption of the big city.” Lady Gaga is the dominant one in this song.

And that’s pretty awesome. I also like the straight-up Queen sample. She’s a funny and self-aware girl.

(People are always surprised to find out I’m a Gaga fan, but she’s a smart young woman who’s more talented than people give her credit for. And to me, it’s pretty awesome when our young blonde pop stars want to cover themselves with stage blood. She knows what she’s doing and I’m glad to have her in the world.)

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