Super Art Fight is a lot of fun! I’m happy they’re a part of SPX.


A thing that is happening that you will enjoy.

The Ignatz afterparty is always a good time. Laughter, tears, drink tickets… the chocolate fountain! And last year we took it up a notch by inviting, for your entertainment, the group self-described as “THE GREATEST LIVE ART COMPETITION IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE: SUPER ART FIGHT!

Since their debut in June 2008, Super Art Fight has performed all across the United States, including appearances at MacWorld and ROFLCon, and their home base in Baltimore, Maryland. Last year they put on a great show for us at SPX and jammed it up with several attending artists.  

If you’ve never seen them before, you’ll get a show with a unique sense of humor, which
features some of the fastest working artists in the world of comics today.

For more details on this motley crew of creatives, visit their website at

Better yet, join us on September 16 at SPX for the show, the Ignatz Awards and the afterparty and catch Super Art Fight live!

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    Super Art Fight is a lot of fun! I’m happy they’re a part of SPX.
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