That’s what SPX is about for me. The love.

Also, it’s likely I will be wearing the Pabst Blue Kitten T-shirt at some point during the SPX weekend. I love that shirt so much and you know it combines all my interests (comics, beer, cute animals, ironic references).


Here’s the rad alt poster for SPX 2012 created by the truly amazing Becky Dreistadt. A spiritual heir to Mary Blair, y’think?

I promised full metal cute overload ( \m/ \m/ ) and I was not joking!

There are flying squirrels made of comics, y’all!

You’ll know Becky from her exquisite Tigerbuttah book as well as her webcomic collaboration with writer Frank Gibson, Tiny Kitten Teeth.

We’re so grateful to Becky for the wonderful art to help promote SPX 2012 and even more so that’s she’ll be joining us for the show in September!

I believe with my whole heart that you should be there too.

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