Hey, let’s talk about Twin Shadow's Confess for a bit!

So, George Lewis Jr. (aka Twin Shadow) and his friend Eric Green wrote a novel called Night of the Silver Sun about a motorcycle gang from the future (!) and so now Twin Shadow is making music videos based in this world for his new album. I really wish I could tell you that the video for "Five Seconds" makes the video for “Patient” make more sense, but well …

Anyway, that’s not really the subject at hand. Confess is a beautiful album — it definitely has an ’80s sexy pop-rock thing going on, but it’s a little bit harder and darker than that, and it’s an amazing journey. There’s something about it that feels very feminine to me. It’s raw and emotional and vulnerable (I consider all of those good things and not a sign of weakness). Some woman’s done him wrong (or several women have done him wrong), but he’s not necessarily blaming these women, and I appreciate that.

His lyrics are smart but subtle and sneak up on you — on “I Don’t Care” he sings “Before the night is through, I will say three words. I probably mean the first two and regret the third” and it’s just like “damn, that’s pretty brutal for everyone.”

Twin Shadow is playing D.C. in September, but since that’s post-SPX, I can’t think about that yet. And I’m sure by the time I am able to think about it, it will rightfully be sold out. But I’m happy to enjoy this album.