Dean Haspiel gave Warren Bernard (in his capacity as executive director of Small Press Expo, of course) several boxes of minicomics he’d collected through the years so they could be donated to the Library of Congress.

Warren asked me if I wanted to help go through them to help highlight some of the more notable creators/titles and to just overall help organize them.

I, of course, said yes. And then I stupidly did not bring my camera (Warren took a couple of me, though, sorting through things, and I’ll post them as soon as he sends them my way).

There was an incredible amount of stuff in this collection, which probably dated from the late ’90s until the late ’00s. There were comics I didn’t even know existed and plenty of things I kept threatening to take (but I didn’t. You’re welcome, America).

Some of these delighted me because they were things friends of mine have done — like one of the Full Sanction minis from 2000 — and a couple of Chris Pitzer's Procrastination Comics.

Others just made me feel this awe of “I can’t believe I’m looking at this” like a preview mini of Craig Thompson’s Blankets and a set of portrait sketches done by Charles Burns. I was also amazed by the Alfe and Horace minis which I can find no record of existing anywhere (they didn’t have a creator’s name on them, but it’s a safe assumption that they were done by Ben Jones). There were also several minicomics by Jeff Smith, which I didn’t even know he had made.

There were also some gorgeously-designed minis by Sara Varon. Her attention to detail there was phenomenal.

I know even I’m guilty of misplacing minis or giving them away or otherwise disregarding them. And I’m saying this as someone who collects them. There is so much amazing work that is being lost so I’m glad that these minis are going to have a permanent home.


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  3. adhousebooks said: Very cool, and thanks for the mention. The first mini I can remember purchasing was from Scott McCloud at the 1991 San Diego Comicon. Now I have boxes and boxes in almost every room. Well, not EVERY room.
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    Let’s pretend this means comics of mine will be going into the Library of Congress.
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