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I would like to go … but … it depends …

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I made a book!

I always intended to take up bookbinding at some point but never quite got to it. I have no idea why. It’s folding paper and sewing and gluing things to other things — all things I have extensive experience in and enjoy doing.

This was from a kit because I figured that would be an easy way to get started with this — just to figure out the whole process. There are definitely some things that will require practice but I was honestly surprised at how simple all of it was.

This isn’t perfect, no, but I am pretty pleased with it being my first attempt. My next attempt will involve cutting everything myself but I’m not worried there.


First game for the little guy. Not a bad one to break him in on.

The adorable … it’s too much …

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John Cooper Clarke FOREVER.

He’s still about, doing his thing. And it’s awesome. When I first discovered him (way too late), I was like “Where has he been all my life????” He even made me like the Arctic Monkeys.

(There is a lot of John Cooper Clarke on YouTube. Enjoy!)

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New edition of LAIKA out now from Square Fish / Macmillan ISBN 978-1-250-05062-5 Includes new ‘Making of’ section, promo art and five bonus visual essays and “alternative endings.” 

I would not be involved with SPX without Laika. In a really complicated way, it pointed me down a path to the sorts of comics I wanted to be reading, writing about and promoting.

I don’t know if it will do that for you, but it’s worth it for those bonus alternate endings, which are the best.

(Also, considering many things, I still laugh about how I tried to buy Laika at Big Planet Comics and they didn’t have it in stock so I bought it from Barnes & Noble instead. I think I’ve made up for that by now, though.)

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AdHouse SPX Debut. #beveragenotincluded

I will happily provide my own beverage.

I was a success. And I did provide my own drink.

I got one!

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