This is Pudding. She’s a fox that was too friendly to be released into the wild which is just amazing. And her name is Pudding, which is clearly the best name of a friendly fox could have.

She lives with a bunch of other cutie foxes at National Fox Welfare Society in Rushden, UK.

I have SPX brain so I like looking at cutie foxes. I know I’m not allowed to have one but look at her! LOOK!


With barely two weeks to go until SPX 2014, I thought it might be a good time to reintroduce ourselves.


SPX is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving independent voices in the comics medium.

As an all volunteer organization - every penny we make goes to our charitable programs or internal investments. SPX receives no funding outside of what is raised by our annual events, which we would really, sincerely love for you to attend.

(And before I inadvertently give you grandiose notions, by nonprofit foundation I mean that we’re about a dozen people who volunteer their time and work their asses off to perpetrate this labor of love every year.)

How we going about accomplishing this mission takes several forms over the course of the year. The longest running and most visible aspect of what we do is…


If you’re following us here on Tumblr, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the annual SPX comics festival that takes place in Bethesda, Maryland (September 13-14th!). This is what most people thing of when they think “SPX.”

What started out in 1994 as a regional indie comics show has grown to  become arguably the preeminent such event, with top-flight domestic and international guests, the Ignatz Awards festivities as well as an excellent slate programming (just announced today). 

We are getting perilously close to 700 creators attending and over 175 new books debuting at SPX 2014, along with a killer line-up of special guests that includes folks like:

Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Emily Carroll, Jules Feiffer, Michael DeForge, Mimi Pond, Box Brown, Roman Muradov, Jen Sorenson, Brandon Graham, Tom Tomorrow, Keith Knight, Eleanor Davis, Drew Friedman, Rene French, Robert Mankoff, Drew Friedman and Ben Katchor, Shannon Wheeler and Derf Backderf!


The Expo looks a little bit like this and is basically the best time ever:


One crucial aspect of our annual festival —  this is how SPX funds all our other philanthropic programs. Your “membership” at the door is what makes everything else we do possible. And your word of mouth is the best way to help us grow stronger, and do more year over year.


Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting here on Tumblr to hit all the other ways SPX is out there promoting, protecting and preserving the work of independent comic creators.  I hope you’ll given ‘em all a read…

But the easiest way to understand what we’re all about is by coming to see us September 13th and 14th in Bethesda, Maryland.

Please do think about making the trip!

We can hang.  It would rule.


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Sup! heres the video for the song Go that me and blood diamonds wrote :) co directed by me and my brother mac

It’s supposed to be dante’s inferno (abstractly), different layers of hell etc. super visually inspired by like x men, metal gear, dune. haha, maybe thats too all over the place and doesn’t make sense, but yea, enjoy!

also special thanks to everyone in it: blood diamonds, david hayter (for doing the crazy voice @ the beginning), and the dancers (Nicki, natsuki, hana and rey!)

oh also for canadians its available here:

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Review: Tomboy by Liz Prince

Review: Tomboy by @comicnrrd

tomboyChildren tend to get reduced to the simplest definitions: Girls like dresses and princesses and boys like trucks and sports. It doesn’t matter how true these things are or not — the pressure from parents and peers (and certainly, society) forces children into pretty narrow roles.

So what happens when you know early on you don’t fit into that?

Liz Prince reflects on growing up as a girl who always…

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AdHouse SPX Debut. #beveragenotincluded

I will happily provide my own beverage.

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ART SALE: i’m selling some selected pages from the freshly ignatz-nominated LIFE ZONE. the available pages (as modelled above) are: “jobs” 1, 4, 8, 17 & 24. “owl’s date” 1 & 4. “high school” 15 and “altered beasts” 5. they are 300 each (including standard worldwide shipping). all orders include piles of “studio trash” (thumbnails, blotters, doodles etc). email if interested. XOXO

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Who Is Koo-Koo?

My nightmares.

I was hoping MDT was talking about the Debbie Harry album. And that could also be a thing of nightmares, honestly.

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I will also put this call out on Tumblr: If you identify as a woman, make sci-fi-ish comics  (there can be some crossover with fantasy and horror — I’m pretty liberal with my definitions) and will be at Small Press Expo, get in touch with me!

I am usually a nutcase during the show so I really can’t make any promises about being good about actually seeing you during the show, but if you will be there, I want to know about it so I can make every effort to stop by and buy your comics!

I did collect a good list of women making sci-fi comics earlier in the summer and I absolutely appreciate how much support I got there. Right now, most of this is to serve my own curiosity and interest but it’s such a wonderful area I want to know more!